Why IAM leaders must prioritize Identity Threat Detection and Response in 2024

Learn why IAM and security leaders must prioritize identity threat detection and response (ITDR) in 2024 and what that they should be focused on.


Richard Dean

4/1/20241 min read

In the dynamic cybersecurity landscape of 2024, security and Identity and Access Management (IAM) leaders face unprecedented challenges. With the constant evolution of cyber threats, IAM has always played a significant role throughout cybersecurity. Recent years have seen it become the cornerstone which not only underpins cybersecurity, but whose effectiveness will make or break it. To effectively safeguard digital assets, IAM and security leaders must strategically prioritize integrating identity-centered threat detection and response practices in 2024.

The 2023 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report highlights that 49% of breaches involved compromised credentials, emphasizing the critical role of IAM in risk mitigation and breach prevention. Furthermore, the Microsoft Digital Defense Report of 2023 underscores this urgency, revealing a tenfold increase in password-based attacks, with 11,000 incidents per second recorded in April 2023.