Five reasons to leverage SaaS for all your Tenant-to-Tenant & Active Directory Hybrid Migration Projects

Five Reasons to Leverage SaaS Tenant Migration for your Active Directory Hybrid Migration Projects


Richard Dean

11/17/20211 min read

Depending on business needs and technical requirements, the hybrid identity model with directory synchronization (Azure AD Connect) (AADC) is the most common choice for enterprise customers who are adopting Microsoft 365. It’s not hard to understand why; Active Directory continues to remain one of the most persistent on-premises servers, primarily due to the large investments organizations have made into these systems around account provisioning and permission management. In fact, according to their “Guidance for Microsoft Office 365 Identity Management” document, “In most cases, Gartner recommends that, instead of creating stand-alone cloud only accounts, organizations implement hybrid identity using their enterprise directory (AD for an overwhelming majority) as the source of authority for account provisioning to Azure AD.” Of course, there are some exceptions. Small businesses, organizations without Active Directory and organizations with a mixed user population that can’t be serviced properly with Microsoft 365 services should avoid hybrid identity management scenarios.

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