A Comprehensive Evaluation Framework for Microsoft 365 Multi-Tenant Management Tools

This evaluation toolkit provides a framework to evaluate third party tools. Organizations can use this to assess a solution's viability against their defined functional areas for multi-tenant management. Functional and non functional requirements as defined in this toolkit can be customized to meet an individual organization's needs.


Richard Dean and Vance Forbush

9/25/20231 min read

During The Experts Conference 2023, Vance Forbush and I worked together to create a new tool called the 'Evaluation tab' that simplifies the process of choosing the appropriate Microsoft 365 multi-tenant management tools and services. This framework is based on calculations that generate overall and weighted scores for functional and nonfunctional requirements. The 'Evaluation' tab is flexible and can be customized to meet the specific needs of different organizations. It allows users to modify the functional areas defined in the 'Functional Requirements' and 'Nonfunctional Requirements' tabs, as well as edit individual requirements to align with their unique business or operational needs. This tool provides a comprehensive and efficient approach to selecting the most suitable Microsoft 365 multi-tenant management tools and services for any organization.

Download a copy here.