Beware the Shadows of Active Directory – Cyber Security Horror Stories with Sean Metcalf: The Practical 365 Podcast S4 E7

Join us for a thrilling Halloween special of the Practical 365 podcast with special guest Sean Metcalf, CTO of Trimarc. In this Episode, we'll explore the eerie changes in Windows 11 as it seeks to banish NTLM, navigate through common Active Directory misconfigurations, and delve deeper into the practical aspects of managing Active Directory configurations and so much more.


Richard Dean

10/31/20231 min read

On the Practical 365 podcast this week, it’s a spooky Halloween special. I’m joined by my co-host – Rich Dean, and this week we’re lucky enough to be joined by special guest Sean Metcalf, the founder and CTO of Trimarc.

In our last episode, we had a fascinating conversation with Alex Weinert, the director of identity security at Microsoft, about the Storm-0558 incident, Alex shared his insights and learnings from the incident, and how Microsoft is working to prevent similar attacks in the future.

In this episode, we continue the theme of security, but this time we focus on on-premises – Active Directory. Active Directory is a complex and powerful system, but it also comes with many challenges and risks, especially in the age of hybrid and cloud environments.

We invited Sean Metcalf, one of the world’s leading experts on Active Directory security, to share his experience and knowledge on how to protect and manage Active Directory in a secure and efficient way – and share some horror stories along the way.

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