AI Security & Safety – Microsoft Gives Us Their Expert View, Plus Copilot Goes Far and Wide: The Practical 365 Podcast S4 E12

In this week’s episode of the Practical 365 Podcast, Steve Goodman and I welcome Microsoft CVP, Yonatan Zunger; and as usual, we talk through the biggest news this week in the world of Microsoft 365, including how you can get Copilot today.


Richard Dean

1/26/20241 min read

Just to make sure you're aware, Copilot for Microsoft 365 is now offered with a minimum purchase of just one license, with a one-year subscription payable upfront through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. Previously required Microsoft 365 restrictions have been lifted, making the offer accessible to Office 365 users as well. Feedback suggests it's especially popular for departmental purchases, with many opting to start with a few licenses to evaluate before scaling up for broader pilot implementations.

In another exciting development, we're honored to feature Yonatan Zunger, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President of AI Security and Safety, on this week's episode. Zunger's journey from theoretical physics to leading AI safety and security at Microsoft covers his tenure at prominent companies like Twitter and Google. Our discussion explores the challenges and future of AI safety and security, Microsoft's commitment to ethical AI, and practical advice on safely leveraging generative AI tools like GPTs and Copilots. 

Have a listen.